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Defending our Democracy

“One person, one vote” is the great equalizer and a foundation of our democracy. Whether you are a billionaire or you are in poverty, every American gets one vote! Debbie is committed to ensuring that every citizen who wants to vote is able to cast a ballot and have their voice heard.

Voting rights are under threat in Michigan and across the United States. From foreign nations like Russia meddling in our elections, to the Citizens United decision that overturned a century of campaign finance law, to partisan gerrymandering aimed at drawing congressional district boundaries to favor one party over another, Debbie understands that we must be vigilant if we’re to uphold the principle of one person, one vote.

Debbie is committed to ensuring that our elections are determined by the voters, not by the billionaires with the deepest pockets. That’s why she’s a sponsor of the Democracy for All Amendment, which would overturn the Citizens United ruling, and the DISCLOSE Act, which would close loopholes that allow shadowy political groups to hide their donors. She’s cosponsoring legislation to reinforce the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and reinstate federal oversight of local voting laws to protect against voter discrimination.

In addition, Debbie strongly supports the ballot proposal that will end gerrymandering in the state.

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