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Growing Michigan’s Economy

Debbie is laser-focused on building a stronger Michigan economy that helps our workers get better skills, better jobs, and better wages.

Debbie knows that in order to have a strong middle class and a strong economy, someone needs to make something, grow something, invent something, and build something – and that is what we do best in Michigan.

Her economic plan focuses on growing a diverse Michigan economy that includes manufacturing and technology, small business creation and agriculture, education and career training.

As co-chair of the bipartisan Senate Manufacturing Caucus, Debbie is leading the effort to help Michigan manufacturers create high-tech jobs, authoring legislation that supports the research, development and production of innovative products. She has been a champion for autonomous vehicles and self-driving technologies and has been instrumental in securing Michigan’s future as the national leader in mobility.

Debbie believes in Fair Trade. She knows that Michigan businesses and workers can compete with anyone in the world if the playing field is level. That’s why Debbie created a new U.S. trade enforcement center to crack down on countries like China that cheat on our trade laws. Debbie is a champion for smart tax policies that create jobs and stop outsourcing, authoring the Bring Jobs Home Act to eliminate the tax loophole that companies use to write off moving expenses when shipping jobs overseas. She also authored the Make it in America Act, which closes loopholes so that American taxpayer dollars are spent on American made goods.

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