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Education and Training

Debbie is committed to making sure every young person has the skills they need to get a good-paying job, whether they chose a technical career, a skilled trade or a college degree.

All over Michigan, the number one issue Debbie hears about from businesses -large and small- is the need for more skilled workers. She knows not every young person will pursue a four-year college degree and that’s why she is working with businesses, building and construction trades, parents, students, and educators to promote new job opportunities in the professional skilled trades and technical careers.

A high-quality education begins early. Debbie has been a champion of K-12 education and supported the Every Student Succeeds Act, which gave parents, teachers and local communities greater say in how their children are educated. She has long opposed school vouchers and has fought to protect funding for STEM education, teacher professional development, and after school programs.

Debbie opposed the nomination of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who has a long record of pushing policies that undermine public education in Michigan.

Debbie is fighting to lower the cost of college and reduce the burden of debt that so many students face when they graduate. She is leading efforts to waive tuition fees for two years of community and technical college programs, help students and parents refinance loans at lower rates and expand Pell grants to help more students who dream of going to college but believe it’s out of reach because of the cost.

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