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U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow

On The Issues

Debbie's Priorities

Debbie has a lifetime of deep roots in Michigan. She understands and fights for our Michigan way of life every day. She knows that we won’t have a middle-class unless someone makes something and someone grows something. And, she’s proud that Michiganders are leaders in doing just that!

Growing Michigan’s Economy

Debbie is laser-focused on building a stronger Michigan economy that helps our workers get better skills, better jobs, and better wages.

Fighting for our Veterans

Debbie believes our veterans should not stand at the back of any line and that our nation must continue to keep its promises to our heroes who have served- whether it’s health care, education, a chance at a good job or the military recognition they earned in service.

Improving Health Care and Lowering Costs

Debbie believes that health care is a basic human right and it must be America's goal for everyone to have affordable health care.

Education and Training

Debbie is committed to making sure every young person has the skills they need to get a good-paying job, whether they choose a technical career, a skilled trade or a college degree.

Standing up for Small Business

Debbie knows that small businesses are the backbone of Michigan’s economy. As Senator, Debbie dramatically cut red tape and reduced taxes for small businesses to help them grow and create jobs.

Taking on Special Interests

Debbie has never backed down when to standing up to the special interests. Whether it’s big pharma, big oil, or standing up to corporate executives, she has always put Michigan first.

A Champion for Michigan Agriculture

Debbie knows Agriculture is a pillar of Michigan’s economy, and fights everyday to protect Michigan farmers and our land and water.

Protecting our Great Lakes

Debbie keeps fighting for the great lakes because she knows they are vital to our Michigan way of life. The first bill she passed into law as a U.S. Senator was a ban on oil and gas drilling in the Great Lakes.

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